Safeguard Your Furry Neighbors: How to Keep Animals out of Your Pool

Your pool should give you a source of fun and relaxation-and normally it does. However, sometimes animals see your pool as a source of drinking water, and they fall in. Ideally, you rescue these wild animals or pets before anything happens to them. You do not want your pool to become a source of sadness for your family, so you must find some way to keep the animals out.

Below, you will find a few strategies that assist in this endeavor. Use these tips to keep both pets and wild animals at bay and ensure your pool stays fun.

1. Install a Fence Around Your Pool

A fence gives your pool its first line of defense. Most animals will not venture inside if they encounter a barrier. A fence also gives you a great way to keep larger animals like deer, wild cats, coyotes, and others away from your pool. These animals cannot effectively jump or climb the fence due to their size.

Additionally, if you line the top of the fence with little spikes, even small animals will not want to climb over.

However, if you have a chain-link fence, smaller animals like squirrels, mice, and frogs could simply climb through the holes instead of going over the top. Luckily, you can install slats that run through the holes to create a sturdy barrier against these little creatures. Alternatively, you can also install a different kind of fence that lacks wide gaps, such as a vinyl fence.

2. Trim Overhanging Trees So Animals Cannot Get Over the Fence

Even if you have installed the world’s most animal-proof fence, it will not do you any good if animals can still use the trees to reach your pool area. If you have trees near your pool, trim them so local creatures cannot get over the fence and put themselves in danger. The same rule applies to nearby bushes, vines, and other plants that could give wildlife access to your pool.

3. Do Not Keep Plants, Garbage Cans, or Snacks in the Pool Area

Normally, animals will not pay attention to your pool because they can find food and water elsewhere. However, if you keep plants, garbage, or snacks around your pool, animals may feel more motivated to get into the area. Put these items somewhere else, even if you stash them immediately outside the pool’s fence.

4. Cover Your Pool When You Do Not Use It

If your pool has a cover over it, then animals cannot fall in. Instead, local wildlife and pets may find themselves stuck in your pool area overnight. When you do not use your pool, put the cover on it. Make sure the cover stays firmly in place.

5. Add More Chlorine So Animals Do Not Want to Drink the Water

In dry seasons, animals may seek out your pool as a water source even though they can smell the traces of chlorine. Warn animals away from your pool by increasing the amount of chlorine in your pool water. Of course, you should still keep the levels safe, but make sure the chlorine smell is strong. The strong smell should tell animals that the water isn’t safe for them.

6. Use an Infrared Deterrent

Most of the time, animals get into your pool area at night. However, if you have motion detectors or flashing infrared deterrents, these features scare the animals and keep them away from the water. You can also add supersonic deterrents as well-as long as you do not have pets. The high-pitched sounds will upset your furry family members as well as the wildlife.


If you do find a live animal in your pool, make sure you use a skimmer or other device to get it out. Do not use your hands, as the animal could panic and bite. Additionally, if the above tips do not work for you, talk to your local pool experts. They have experience working with different kinds of pools and the animals in your local area.