Luxurious Locks: 5 Hair Care Tips for Frequent Swimmers

As a pool owner, you know just how beneficial swimming can be for your health, energy levels, and mood. But sometimes, you just can’t bring yourself to go for a dip for fear of what your hair may look like the next morning.

Luckily, regular swimming doesn’t need to leave your locks looking dehydrated, droopy, or damaged. In this blog, we give you five guidelines that can keep your hair healthy and beautiful so you’re free so enjoy your pool as often as you please.

1. Apply a Protective Layer

If you’ve ever inadvertently worn lotion into the water, you know just how well certain substances repel moisture. One simple step you can take to prevent pool chemicals from penetrating your hair follicles is to apply a protective solution before you swim.

For a natural barrier, use coconut or jojoba oil directly on your hair. For a fast fix, choose a salon hair serum or sun veil. These products delay contact between harsh chemicals and your hair, which decreases the amount of natural oils your pool water claims.

2. Choose a Leave-In Conditioner

Even if you take all possible precautions before swimming, you may still experience some dryness and tangling just from being in the water. You can combat these negative effects, as well as the dullness that can come with them, by using a leave-in conditioner.

You can apply this conditioner to your hair when you shower off after a swim or use it as part of your regular bathing routine. As few as two applications can make your hair more manageable.

3. Rinse Your Hair Before Swimming

Whether or not you put a barrier between your hair and your pool’s water, you should get into the habit of showering before you swim. During this rinse off, wash out any hair products you have on and saturate your hair with water.

Pre-wet hair absorbs less pool water, which makes the experience easier on your hair color and style. Additionally, rinsing before you dive in keeps slick or oily hair products out of your pool, which helps you maintain its cleanliness.

4. Wash Your Hair After Swimming

When you get out of the pool, you may want to wash your hair to clear away any residual chemicals. The longer you let pool water sit in your hair, the more likely you are to experience discoloration, unruliness, or texture changes. On a daily basis, you can simply re-wet your hair, letting it fill up with clean water the same way you did before you got in the pool.

However, at least once a week during the swimming season, you should use a clarifying product. If you want a natural solution, rinse your hair using equal parts warm water and apple cider vinegar. Let this mixture sit on your hair for 30 seconds for beautiful shine.

For tried and true results, opt for a gentle clarifying shampoo from your favorite brand. This step clears away any debris and sets your hair up to renew its natural oils more quickly.

5. Wear Your Favorite Swim Cap

You can prevent many swimming-related hair concerns by wearing a swim cap while in the pool. A swim cap is the best way to protect particularly sensitive hair, such as color treated or permed hair.

If your hair is too long or too thick to fit under a traditional swim cap, put your hair in a braid after your pre-swim rinse. In a braid, less of your hair’s surface area comes in contact with pool water, which can minimize any negative effects.


Rely on the tips listed here to keep your hair shiny and strong, no matter how many times a week you indulge in a swim.

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