Beyond Swimming Laps: 10 Ways to Exercise In the Pool

You’re thinking about getting a pool. You know your kids will use it often, but you’re not so sure about you. After all, you don’t necessarily enjoy swimming laps. Will you really use your pool enough?

Fortunately, there are hundreds of ways to work out in the pool aside from swimming laps. With such a wide variety of options, you can try a new pool exercise every day. Here are just a few examples.

1. Kickboarding

Swimming laps is a great exercise for both your arms and legs, but kickboarding is a fabulous way to focus solely on building leg strength. Simply hold onto a kickboard and kick your way across the pool. Kick with firm, straight legs for a faster speed.

2. Double Leg Lift

For another great leg workout, lean back against the pool edge and keep your legs in front of you in a straight line. Lower your legs and then bring them up again.

3. Aqua Jogging

Many people find that jogging in the pool is much easier than running on land-but it’s a similarly great workout. Just wear a buoyancy vest to keep yourself above water. Use your arms and legs to jog across the length of the pool.

4. Frog Jump

Stand in plié position, with your heels together and knees bent. Now, jump as high as you can out of the water. Finally, land back into the plié position. This exercise really works your quads and your buttocks.

5. Ball Lever

For this exercise, you’ll need a heavy beach ball. While holding the beach ball, lie on your belly and stretch your arms out in front of you. Quickly pull the ball underneath you toward your thighs, taking a breath as you head comes above water. Then bend your elbows and press the ball forward again.

6. Fly Back

Your arms will feel amazing after you perform a few fly backs. Stand in a lunge position, with one knee bent and the other leg extended behind you. Reach your arms straight in front of you, touching your palms together. Now, open your arms out to your sides. Finally, bring your arms back together in front of you. Repeat this move several times before switching your lunge position to the other leg.

7. Treading Water

You can work your entire body as you move your arms and legs to stay above water. Time yourself and see if you can keep treading water for five minutes, or even ten. For a variation, try bringing your knees into your chest and moving your hands back and forth to stay above the water.

8. Bicep Curl

You might find that lifting weights in the pool is much easier than lifting weights in the gym. At the same time, the water resistance makes you work harder, so you may get an even better workout. Holding onto a waterproof weight, curl your arms in, and then bring them out.

9. Pike Scull

Sit back and lift your legs into a V shape, keeping your head and toes above the water. To move yourself forward, cup your hands and move them in circles. Try to make it across the entire pool.

10. Spiderman

Face the pool wall and run up the wall with your feet. The hard part of this move is using your arms to keep your head above water. You can also hold onto the side of the pool to make the exercise easier.

Benefits of Pool Exercise

Many people enjoy exercising in the pool because the water’s support feels good on achy joints. It’s a very safe way to exercise and has a low risk for injury. Yet exercising in the pool is also a great muscle builder. The water provides resistance, helping you get stronger and burn more calories.

Invest in a home pool and you’ll be able to enjoy these pool exercises any time.