4 Must-Have Features That Will Make Your Pool Stand Out

When you think about installing a pool, you probably think about function more than style. You might want a regulation-size pool to keep up with your exercise regimen. Or maybe you prefer a shallow depth to make sure no accidents occur on your watch.

But once you’ve made the decision to put in a pool, you should also consider how this important asset can add to your property value. A small investment now can help you express your personal style, customize your pool to fit your needs, and greatly increase the value of your home if you ever choose to sell it.

With these factors in mind, read the rest of this blog to find out four important features you should think about adding to your pool.

Diving Board or Built-In Basketball Hoop

If your kids or grandkids grow up with your pool, they’ll learn to be comfortable in the water. But children who spend a lot of time swimming might also need some added sources of entertainment.

To keep your kids coming back to your pool year after year, install a diving board. Youngsters will enjoy learning to jump, dive, and flip from a certified springboard, and you’ll enjoy the boost to your property value this coveted feature provides.

Sporty children may also enjoy a basketball hoop designed especially for aquatic use. A downsized hoop and waterproof ball will let your family members and friends enjoy a rowdy game of ball without damaging the equipment.  And if you choose to put in both the diving board and the basketball hoop, prepare yourself for creative variations of one-on-one and shooting drills all summer long.

Waterfall or Artificial River

If your aesthetic focuses on the organic, a natural-looking feature may be just the thing to catch your visitors’ eyes.

A waterfall cascade or bubbling brook will help your pool blend in with the natural surroundings of your home. You can even pick stones and rocks to match the hues of nearby canyons. For animal lovers, these water features also provide you with the perfect location to store koi or other outdoor fish, and your pool’s heating system will help keep your underwater friends warm and comfortable.

Water Purification System

When you tire of pulling sludge out of your pool with a net or a manual vacuum, consider upgrading your pool’s cleaning system.

Today’s technology offers you a vast array of purifying and filtering options. Some, like automatic vacuum systems, are designed to conveniently save you time. Other mechanisms use natural cleansers to lessen your environmental impact. 

Whatever your current situation, when you update your pool cleaning technology, you add value to your home, and you spend money in a way that will enhance your quality of life and peace of mind.

Heat Pumps

The saddest day of the year for pool owners usually occurs when the first frost appears on the morning dew. If you find yourself wishing that you could enjoy quality time in the pool year round, purchase a heat pump to keep your pool usable throughout the year.

Though most heat pumps cannot take on sub-zero temperatures, many heating systems have proven useful in most temperate climates. The latest heat pump models also extend the life cycle of your pool without increasing your utility bill too much.

And, as an added bonus, potential buyers will love that your home offers them a pool that they can use for more than just the sweltering summer months.


You may not feel the need to upgrade your pool’s features right away–especially if you just installed a brand new swimming pool. But when you feel ready to take your pool to the next level, call a pool specialist for the latest technology and the most affordable prices.